Abundance of living coccolithophores in the northern Arabian Sea (Table 2), supplement to: Andruleit, Harald; Stäger, Sabine; Rogalla, U; Cepek, Pavel (2003): Living coccolithophores in the northern Arabian Sea: ecological tolerances and environmental control. Marine Micropaleontology, 49(1-2), 157-181

Harald Andruleit, Sabine Stäger, U Rogalla & Pavel Cepek
The present study was conducted to provide information about living coccolithophores from the northern Arabian Sea as potential proxies in palaeoceanographic studies. In all, 71 plankton samples from 16 stations collected in September 1993 were analysed for their contents of living coccolithophores. Absolute abundances range from less than 400 coccospheres per litre in surface waters to 35 000 spheres per litre at intermediate water depths. From 49 identified taxa, nine species contribute significant cell numbers...
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