Carbon 14 age dating of wood samples from the Alps, supplement to: Hormes, Anne; Müller, Benjamin U; Schluechter, Christian (2001): The Alps with little ice: evidence for eight Holocene phases of reduced glacier extent in the Central Swiss Alps. The Holocene, 11(3), 255-265

Anne Hormes, Benjamin U Müller & Christian Schlüchter
Glacially deformed pieces of wood, organic lake sediments and clasts of reworked peat have been collected in front of Alpine glaciers since AD 1990. The palaeoglaciological interpretation of these organic materials is related to earlier phases of glacier recession surpassing that of today's shrunken glaciers and to tree growth and peat accumulation in the valleys now occupied by the glaciers. Glacial transport of the material is indicated by wood anatomy, incorporated silt, sand and gravel...
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