Carbon14 ages of surface sediment samples from ther Persian Gulf, supplement to: Wagner, C W; van der Togt, C (1973): Holocene sediment types and their distribution in the Southern Persian Gulf. In: Purser, B H; The Persian Gulf, Holocene carbonate sedimentation and diagenesis in a shallow epicontiental sea. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 123-155

C W Wagner & C van der Togt
A simplified classification of the Holocene sediments based on textures and grain type results in fourteen major units, twelve of which are essentially carbonate in composition. A brief description and photographic illustration of these units, together with the sedimentary and diagenetic processes which have contributed to their formation, is designed to give the reader a broad but valid impression of Persian Gulf sediments.The distribution of the fourteen sediment units throughout the Arabian parts of the...
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