Miocene microflora of Belorado (Spain), supplement to: Valle, Maria F; Alonso-Gavilan, Gaspar; Rivas Carballo, M Rosario (1995): Analyse palynologique preliminaire du Miocene dans le NE de la depression du Duero (aire de Belorado, Burgos, Espana). Geobios, 28(4), 407-412

Maria F Valle, Gaspar Alonso-Gavilan & M Rosario Rivas Carballo
Neogene deposits from Belorado (Province de Burgos, Spain) in the NE border of the Duero Basin have been analyzed. The palynologic analysis of the samples suggests the existence of arboreal landscapes associated with the herbaceous cover creating belts of vegetation around restricted aquatic areas (marshy and lacustrine environments). The characteristics of the palynomorph assemblages allow to define a warm-template climate with strong seasons. The age of these deposits could be included in the middle Miocene...
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