(Table 1) Stratigraphical distribution of Cenozoic terrestrial palynomorphs from sediment core CRP-3, supplement to: Raine, J Ian; Askin, R A (2001): Terrestrial palynology of Cape Roberts Project drillhole CRP-3, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(4), 389-400

J Ian Raine & R A Askin
Sparse low diversity early Oligocene spore-pollen assemblages above c. 410 mbsf (meters blow sea floor) in CRP-3 are dominated by Nothofagus pollen, and are very similar in composition to those from the lower part of CRP-2A. Anther-derived pollen aggregates, and a Nothofagus leaf at 44.12 mbsf show that the palynomorphs were derived from vegetation growing at the time of deposition. This woody vegetation included several species of Nothofagus and podocarpaceous conifers, a few other angiosperm...
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