Particulate dimethylsulfoniopropionate at DYNAPROC station, supplement to: Belviso, Sauveur; Christaki, Urania; Vidussi, Francesca; Marty, Jean-Claude; Vila, M; Delgado, M (2000): Diel variations of the DMSP-to-chlorophyll a ratio in Northwestern Mediterranean surface waters. Journal of Marine Systems, 25(2), 119-128

Sauveur Belviso, Urania Christaki, Francesca Vidussi, Jean-Claude Marty, M Vila & M Delgado
In the framework of the projects DYFAMED and PICASSO, diel variations of particulate dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSPp) and of its size fraction higher than 10 µm (DMSPp>10 µm) were studied in surface waters of the central Ligurian Sea in May 1990 and May 1995, and in the harbour of the city of Barcelona (Spain) in July 1998. Time series performed in stratified and nitrate depleted surface waters of the Ligurian Sea revealed that DMSPp>10 µm was undergoing...
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