Percentages of sand-sized material and biogenic components in sediment core GIK12392-1, supplement to: Thiede, Jörn; Suess, Erwin; Müller, Peter J (1982): Late Quaternary fluxes of major sediment components to the sea floor at the northwest African continental slope. in: von Rad, U; Hinz, K; Sarnthein, M & Seibold, E (eds.), Geology of the Northwest African Continental Margin, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 605-631

Jörn Thiede
The paleo-oceanography of the southeastern North Atlantic Ocean during the last 150,000 yr has been studied using biogenous and terrigenous components of hemipelagic sediments sampled close to the northwest African continental margin. Variations of oxygen isotope ratios in shells of benthic calcareous foraminifers in two cores allow the assignment of absolute ages to these cores (in the best case at 1000 yr increments). The uncorrected bulk sedimentation rates of the longest core range from 3.4...
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