Geochemical and stable isotope composition of Middle Campanian marl-limestone rhythmites of the Lehrte West Syncline near Hannover (Lower Saxony, northern Germany), supplement to: Niebuhr, Birgit (2005): Geochemistry and time-series analyses of orbitally forced Upper Cretaceous marl-limestone rhythmites (Lehrte West Syncline, northern Germany). Geological Magazine, 142(1), 31-55

Birgit Niebuhr
A cyclic marl–limestone succession of Middle–Late Campanian age has been investigated with respect to a Milankovitch-controlled origin of geochemical data. In general, the major element geochemistry of the marl–limestone rhythmites can be explained by a simple two-component mixing model with the end-members calcium carbonate and 'average shale'-like material. Carbonate content varies from 55 to 90%. Non-carbonate components are clay minerals (illite, smectite) and biogenic silica from sponge spicules, as well as authigenically formed zeolites (strontian...
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