Stable isotopes, CaCO3, opal and terrigeneous of ODP Site 108-663 (Table A1), supplement to: deMenocal, Peter B; Ruddiman, William F; Pokras, Edward M (1993): Influences of high- and low-latitude processes on African terrestrial climate: Pleistocene eolian records from equatorial Atlantic Ocean Drilling Program Site 663. Paleoceanography, 8(2), 209-242

Peter B deMenocal
High- and low-latitude forcing of terrestrial African paleoclimate variability is demonstrated using 900 ka eolian and biogenic component records from Ocean Drilling Program site 663 in the eastern equatorial Atlantic. Terrigenous (eolian dust) and phytolith (savannah grass cuticle) accumulation rate records vary predominantly at 100 and 41 kyr periodicities and spectral phase estimates implicate high-latitude forcing. The abundance of freshwater diatoms (Melosira) transported from dry African lake beds varies coherently at 23-19 kyr orbital periodicities...
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