Carbon analyses and sedimentation rate of sediment core MD97-2140, supplement to: Thevenon, Florian; Bard, Edouard; Williamson, David; Beaufort, Luc (2004): A biomass burning record from the West Equatorial Pacific over the last 360 ky: methodological, climatic and anthropic implications. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 213(1-2), 83-99

Florian Thevenon, Edouard Bard, David Williamson & Luc Beaufort
To reconstruct past fire activity in the West Pacific–East Asian region, we investigate a 360-ky pelagic sedimentary record from the Caroline Basin in the Western Pacific Warm Pool (WPWP) (core MD97-2140, 2547 m. water depth). In the lack of standard protocol and terminology for the determination of combustion-derived products in sedimentary archives, three proxies were compared with other paleoceanographic proxies: Oxidation Resistant Elemental Carbon (OREC), Black Carbon (BC), and microcharcoal. The mineral (CaCO3) and organic...
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