Sea-bed photographs (benthos) from the AWI-Hausgarten area along OFOS profile PS62/191-1, supplement to: Soltwedel, Thomas; von Juterzenka, Karen; Premke, Karin; Klages, Michael (2003): What a lucky shot ! Photographic evidence for a medium-sized natural food-fall at the deep seafloor (Heureuse surprise! Évidence photographique de la présence d'un cadavre d'animal nectonique de taille moyenne sur le plancher océanique). Oceanologica Acta, 26(5-6), 623-628

Thomas Soltwedel, Karen von Juterzenka, Karin Premke & Michael Klages
Although the use of deep-sea imagery considerably increased during the last decades, reports on nekton falls to the deep seafloor are very scarce. Whereas there are a few reports describing the finding of whale carcasses in the deep north-eastern and south-eastern Pacific, descriptions of invertebrate or vertebrate food-falls at centimetre to metre scale are extremely rare. After 4 years of extensive work at a deep-sea long-term station in northern polar regions (AWI-"Hausgarten"), including large-scale visual...
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