Stable isotopes of benthic foraminifera from Site ODP 184-1146, supplement to: Holbourn, Ann; Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Schulz, Michael (2004): Orbitally paced climate variability during the middle Miocene: High-resolution benthic stable isotope records from the tropical western Pacific. In: P Clift, P Wang, W Kuhnt, D Hayes (Eds.), Continent-ocean interactions within East Asian marginal seas, American Geophysical Union, Washington DC, 321-337

Ann Holbourn, Wolfgang Kuhnt & Michael Schulz
We generated a high resolution (~8 ky) benthic record from a West Pacific marginal basin to investigate the detailed structure and spectral characteristics of deep water isotope fluctuations during the middle Miocene. The benthic record from ODP Site 1146 allows unprecedented resolution of the structure of the middle Miocene delta13C excursion, as well as tighter control on the chronology of climatic events. Spectral analysis of the variance in the delta18O and delta13C records from ODP...
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