Effects of varying food-availability on ecology and distribution of smallest benthic organisms in sediments of the arctic Fram Strait during POLARSTERN cruise ARK-XV/2, supplement to: Schewe, Ingo; Soltwedel, Thomas (2003): Benthic response to ice-edge-induced particle flux in the Arctic Ocean. Polar Biology, 26(9), 610-620

Ingo Schewe & Thomas Soltwedel
With the aims of investigating the response of the smallest benthic biota to a strong ice-edge-related input of phytodetritus, and of registering supposed lateral transportation processes of phytodetrital matter with northerly direction under the ice, we analysed a number of abiotic and biotic parameters in surface sediments from the northern Fram Strait. Two transects of 14 stations in total were made. One transect, crossing the Fram Strait from the east to the west, followed mainly...
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