Sampling intervals, fluxes, percentages of total flux, organic carbon and lithogen for sediment trap CB9, supplement to: Helmke, Peer; Romero, Oscar E; Fischer, Gerhard (2005): Northwest African upwelling and its effect on off-shore organic carbon export to the deep sea. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 19(4), GB4015

Peer Helmke, Oscar E Romero & Gerhard Fischer
We combined the analysis of sediment trap data and satellite-derived sea surface chlorophyll to quantify the amount of organic carbon export to the deep sea in the upwelling induced high production area off northwest Africa. In contrast to the generally global or basin-wide adoption of export models, we used a regionally fitted empirical model. Furthermore, the application of our model was restricted to a dynamically defined region of high chlorophyll concentration in order to restrict...
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