Age, pteropoda counts and Limacina dissolution index of sediment core NIOP-C2_905_BC, supplement to: Klöcker, Ralph; Ganssen, Gerald M; Jung, S J A; Kroon, Dick; Henrich, Rüdiger (2005): Late Quaternary millennial-scale variability in pelagic aragonite preservation off Somalia. Marine Micropaleontology, 59(3-4), 171-183

Ralph Klöcker, Gerald M Ganssen, Simon J A Jung, Dick Kroon & Rüdiger Henrich
In order to better understand Late Quaternary pelagic aragonite preservation in the western Arabian Sea we have investigated a high-resolution sediment core 905 off Somalia. Pteropod preservation is enhanced in times of reduced monsoon-driven productivity, indicated by low amounts of Corg and low barium to aluminium (Ba/Al) ratios. All periods corresponding to Heinrich events in the North Atlantic are represented by maxima in shell preservation of the common pteropod Limacina inflata (LDX values <2, except...
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