Compilation of organic carbon distribution and sedimentology in the surface sediments on the continental margin offshore southwestern Africa, supplement to: Inthorn, Maik; Wagner, Thomas; Scheeder, Georg; Zabel, Matthias (2006): Lateral transport controls distribution, quality and burial of organic matter along continental slopes in high-productivity areas. Geology, 34(3), 205-208

Maik Inthorn, Thomas Wagner, Georg Scheeder & Matthias Zabel
In this study we demonstrate the relevance of lateral particle transport in nepheloid layers for organic carbon (OC) accumulation and burial across high-productive continental margins. We present geochemical data from surface sediments and suspended particles in the bottom nepheloid layer (BNL) from the most productive coastal upwelling area of the modern ocean, the Benguela upwelling system offshore southwest Africa. Interpretation of depositional patterns and comparison of downslope trends in OC content, organic matter composition, and...
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