Geochemical analysis of surface sediments along the Portuguese Margin, supplement to: Mil-Homens, Mário; Stevens, R L; Abrantes, Fatima F; Cato, I (2006): Heavy metal assessment for surface sediments from three areas of the Portuguese continental shelf. Continental Shelf Research, 26(10), 1184-1205

Mário Mil-Homens, R L Stevens & I Cato
Twenty-nine surface samples from the Portuguese shelf, recovered offshore from the mouths of the Ave, Douro, Lis and Mira rivers, were analysed using ICP–OES for selected major and trace elements, after total dissolution. Organic carbon, carbonate content and grain size were also determined. Five evaluation tools have been applied in order to compare the three study areas and to evaluate sediment geochemistry and other sediment compositional variability in the acquired samples: (1) empirical methods based...
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