Results of isotopic analysis of planktonic foraminifera from sediment core 189 of the Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition (Table I), supplement to: Emiliani, Cesare (1954): Pleistocene temperature variations in the Mediterranean. Quarternaria, 2, 87-97

Cesare Emiliani
For temperature investigations, a core in the Mediterranean Sea (No 189 of the Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition 1947-1948) was sampled at approximately 10 m intervals. Globigerina dubia, G. inflata and Globigerinoides rubra were seperated from each sample and their test were investigated for stable oxygen isotopic measurement. Oxygen isotopic analysis showed the following:1) Ten stages are indicated.2) The temperature minimum of stage 2 corresponds to a racliocarbon age of 17,200 years.3) Temperature maxima of odd stages...
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