Relative abundances of planktonic foraminifera from surface sediments of the Drake Passage, Southern Ocean (Table 1), supplement to: Herb, René (1968): Recent planktonic foraminifera from sediments of the Drake Passage, Southern Ocean. Ecologae Geologicae Helvetiae, 61(2), 467-480

René Herb
Based on a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of Recent sediments samples (top 3 cm of cores as well as Petersen grab samples) from the Drake Passage, between South America and Antarctica, the distribution of planktonic foraminifera and their relation to oceanographic conditions was investigated. The Antarctic Convergence - the northern limit of the cold Antarctic Surface Water - is shown to be of major importance in controlling the distributional pattern of planktonic species as well...
286 citations reported since publication in 1968.
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