Oxygen and carbon isotope ratios for six planktonic foraminifer species from different water depth, Ontong-Java Plateau, Pacific (Table 2), supplement to: Bonneau, M-C; Vergnaud-Grazzini, Colette; Berger, Wolfgang H (1980): Stable isotope fractionation and differential dissolution in recent planktonic foraminifera from Pacific box-cores. Oceanologica Acta, 3(3), 377-381

M-C Bonneau, Colette Vergnaud-Grazzini & Wolfgang H Berger
Stable isotope analyses and scanning electron micrographs have been carried out on six planktonic forminifera species, Pulleniatina obliquiloculata, Globorotalia tumida, Sphaeroidinella dehiscens, Globigerinoides ruber, Globigerinoides sacculifer and Globigerinoides quadrilobatus from eleven box-cores taken at increasing depths in the equatorial Ontong-Java Plateau (Pacific). This allows us to describe the way dissolution affects the microstructures of the tests of the different species and to quantify the changes of isotopic composition. We may conclude that: 1) dissolution effects...
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