Geometric parameters of shoreface profiles of Laptev Sea erosion coast (Table 1), supplement to: Are, Felix; Grigoriev, Mikhail N; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang; Rachold, Volker; Razumov, Sergey O; Schneider, Waldemar (2002): Comparative shoreface evolution along the Laptev Sea coast. Polarforschung, 70, 135-150

Felix Are, Mikhail N Grigoriev, Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten, Volker Rachold, Sergey O Razumov & Waldemar Schneider
Field investigations of the Laptev Sea shoreface morphology were carried out (1) off erosional shores composed of unconsolidated sediments, (2) off the modern delta shores of the Lena River, and (3) off rocky shores.It was found that profiles off erosional shores had a concave shape. This shape is not well described by commonly applied power functions, a feature, which is in disagreement with the generally accepted concept of the equilibrium shape of shoreface profiles. The...
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