Relative abundance of diatom species in surface samples from the Southern Ocean, Tropical/Subtropical species, supplement to: Romero, Oscar E; Armand, Leanne K; Crosta, Xavier; Pichon, Jean-Jacques (2005): The biogeography of major diatom taxa in Southern Ocean sediments: 3. Subantarctic species. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 223(1-2), 49-65

Oscar E Romero, Leanne K Armand, Xavier Crosta & Jean-Jacques Pichon
This paper gives a modern circumscription of Tropical/Subtropical diatoms regarding their relationship with sea-surface temperatures (SST) and sea ice cover. Diatoms from 228 core-top sediment samples collected from the Southern Ocean were studied to determine the geographic distribution of eight major diatom species/taxa preserved in surface sediments generally located north of the Subantarctic Front. The comparison of the relative contribution of diatom species with modern February SST and sea-ice cover reveals species-specific sedimentary distributions regulated...
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