Sample information and classification of lower Miocene gravity-flow types of sediment core CRP-1 (Table 1), supplement to: Howe, John; Woolfe, Ken; Fielding, Christopher R (1998): Lower Miocene glacimarine gravity flows, Cape Roberts drillhole-1, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 393-399

John Howe, Ken Woolfe & Christopher R Fielding
Nineteen samples of the Cape Roberts-1 drillcore were taken from Miocene- age deposits, from 90.25 – 146.50 metres below seafloor (mbsf) for thin section and laser grain-size analysis. Using the grain-size distribution, detailed core logging, X-radiography and thin-section analysis of microstructures, coupled with a statistical grouping of the grain-size data, three main styles of gravity-flow sedimentation were revealed. Thin (centimetre-scale) muddy debris-flow deposits are the most common and are possibly tirggered by debris rain-out from...
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