Age and alkenone-derived Holocene sea-surface temperature records of sediment core M40-4-SL78, supplement to: Emeis, Kay-Christian; Dawson, Alastair G (2003): Holocene paleoclimate records over Europe and the North-Atlantic. The Holocene, 13(3), 305-309

Kay-Christian Emeis & Alastair G Dawson
This Special Issue of The Holocene contains 16 research papers based on a symposium at the 11th International Meeting of the European Union of Geosciences held in Strasbourg in April 2001. The aim of the symposium was a state-of-the-art assessment of empirical studies of postglacial marine and terrestrial climatic archives and their integration with numerical climate models. This editorial places the individual papers in the broader context of natural climate variability and anthropogenic impacts on...
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