Distribution of Miocene benthic foraminifera of sediment core CRP-1 (Fig. 1), supplement to: Galeotti, Simone; Coccioni, Rodolfo (1998): Foraminiferal analysis of the Miocene CRP-1 core (Ross Sea, Antarctica). Terra Antartica, 5(3), 521-526

Simone Galeotti & Rodolfo Coccioni
The analysis of foraminifera from the Miocene section of the CRP-1 drillhole (Ross Sea, Antarctica) revealed the presence of poor to moderate rich and diversified assemblages. The absence of planktonic foraminifers and of valuable stratigraphic makers within the benthic foraminiferal assemblages, did not allow a definite stratigraphic assignment of the studie interval. However, the assemblage are quite compareable to late Oligocene-early Miocene faunas previously described from other sites in the Ross Sea and adjacent regions...
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