Characterisation of breccias in sediment core CRP-1 (Table 1), supplement to: Passchier, Sandra; Wilson, Terry; Paulsen, Timothy S (1998): Origin of breccias in the CRP-1 core. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 401-409

Sandra Passchier, Terry Wilson & Timothy S Paulsen
CoreScan images were examined to determine the origin of breccias in the CRP-1 core. Breccias occur throughout the core. but are dominant deformation features in the upper 85 m. Breccia textures, boundaries and texture arrangements suggest that in situ fracturing and horizontal planar shearing are important deformation mechanisms in the upper part of the Miocene section. Forceful injections of silt and clay into fractures point to dewatering of overpressurised sediment. Breccias located below 55 metres...
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