(Table 1) Core intervals of sediment core CRP-3 that have been stitched and reorientated to North, supplement to: Jarrard, Richard D; Paulsen, Timothy S; Wilson, Terry (2001): Orientation of CRP-3 core, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(3), 161-166

Richard D Jarrard, Timothy S Paulsen & Terry Wilson
CRP-3 cores were not orientated with respect to North during coring operations. However, borehole televiewer (BHTV) logging did obtain azimuthally orientated images of the borehole wall, and core processing included digital imaging of the outer surface of 85% of the cores. Images of many individual core segments can be digitally joined, or stitched, by rotating them to match the shapes of their adjoining surfaces and then closing the gap. By aligning features (fractures, bedding, and...
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