(Table 1) Description of grain size, cement, and matrix in sediment core CRP-3 sandstones, supplement to: Wise, Sherwood W; Smellie, John L; Aghib, Fulvia Sharon; Jarrard, Richard D; Krissek, Lawrence A (2001): Authigenic smectite clay coats in CRP-3 drillcore, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica, as a possible indicator of fluid flow: a progress report. Terra Antartica, 8(3), 281-298

Sherwood W Wise, John L Smellie, Fulvia Sharon Aghib, Richard D Jarrard & Lawrence A Krissek
The presence of authigenic smectite in the lower Oligocene sandstones of the Cape Roberts Project core CRP-3 from the Victoria Land Basin of Antarctica is confirmed by scanning electron, scanning-transmission electron, and light microscopy. It was emplaced as a single generation of cement within the lower portion of the Oligocene section. This section has undergone no discernible compaction since cementation. Permeabilities measured on fifty core plugs show that the lower portion of the Oligocene (from...
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