(Table 1) Major and trace elements of sediment core CRP-3, supplement to: Krissek, Lawrence A; Kyle, Philip R (2001): Geochemical indicators of weathering, Cenozoic palaeoclimates and provenance in fine-grained sediments from CRP-3, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(4), 561-568

Lawrence A Krissek & Philip R Kyle
The CRP-3 core, drilled in western McMurdo Sound in October and November 1999, penetrated 823 m of lower Oligocene (to possibly upper Eocene) glacially influenced sediments. The palaeoclimatic record of CRP-3 is examined using major element analyses of bulk core samples of fine grained sediments (mudstones and siltstones) and the Chemical Index of Alteration (CIA) of Nesbitt & Young (1982, doi:10.1038/299715a0). The CIA is calculated from the molar abundances of Al, K, Ca, and Na...
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