Bedding dip data from core site CRP-3 in Victoria Land, Antarctica, supplement to: Jarrard, Richard D; Bücker, Christian J; Wilson, Terry; Paulsen, Timothy S (2001): Bedding dips from the CRP-3 drillhole, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(3), 167-176

Richard D Jarrard, Christian J Bücker, Terry Wilson & Timothy S Paulsen
Bedding dips in the CRP-3 drillhole were determined in three ways: (1) analysis of a dipmeter log, (2) identification of bed boundaries on borehole televiewer log images, and (3) identification of bed boundaries on digital images of the outer surfaces of oriented cores. All three methods determine both dip magnitude and downdip azimuth of bedding. Dipmeter results document variations in bedding dip throughout the logged interval (20-902 mbsf), whereas core and televiewer results are available...
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