Sedimentology, magnetics and chemistry on palaeolake core D100 from the Gobi Desert, supplement to: Wünnemann, Bernd; Hartmann, Kai; Altmann, Norbert; Hambach, Ulrich; Pachur, Hans-Joachim (2006): Interglacial and glacial fingerprints from the Gobi Desert, NW China. In: Sirocko, F, Claussen, M, Litt, T & Sanchez-Goñi, M F(eds.): The climate of past interglacials; Developments in Quaternary Science, Elsevier, Amsterdam

Bernd Wünnemann, Kai Hartmann, Norbert Altmann, Ulrich Hambach & Hans-Joachim Pachur
The Gaxun Nur Basin in arid China is tectonically influenced by the left-lateral displacements along the Gobi-Altay and Qilian Shan shear zones, resulting in a large pull-apart basin with strong subsidence in the interior. The up to 300 m thick basin fills consist of fluvio-lacustrine fine-grained deposits mainly transported by river discharges from the Tibetan Plateau. They led to a large depositional area of more than 28,000 qkm in size with presently dry terminal lakes...
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