Investigation of Quaternary diatoms in sediment core CRP-1 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Bohaty, Steven M; Scherer, Reed P; Harwood, David M (1998): Quaternary diatom biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironments of the CRP-1 drillcore, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 431-453

Steven M Bohaty, Reed P Scherer & David M Harwood
In the first season of drilling, the Cape Roberts Project (CRP) recovered one drillcore (CRP-l) from Roberts Ridge in western McMurdo Sound, Ross Sea, Antarctica Diatom biostratigraphy places the upper six lithostratigraphic units (Units 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, and 4.1) of CRP-l (0.0 to 43.15 mbsf) within the Quaternary. Both non-marine and marine Quaternary diatoms occur in variable abundance in the Quaternary interval of CRP- 1 Biostratigraphic data resolve two Quaternary time slices or...
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