Stable isotope ratios measured on molluscan from the CRP sediment cores in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Lavelle, Mark; Fielding, Christopher R; Hall, Michael A (2001): Molluscan stable isotope temperature estimates of the southwestern Ross Sea during the early Oligocene and early Miocene, CRP-2/2A and CRP-3, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(4), 439-444

Mark Lavelle, Christopher R Fielding & Michael A Hall
Stable isotope analyses of marine bivalve growth increment samples have been used to estimate early Oligocene (29.4 - 31.2) Ma and early Miocene (24.0 Ma) seafloor palaeotemperature from the southwestern continental margin of the Ross Sea. Measured d18O values average +2.5 ‰ in the early Miocene and range between +1.26 to +3.24 ‰ in the early Oligocene. The results show that palaeoceanographic conditions in McMurdo Sound during the mid-Cenozoic were significantly different from those of...
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