Geochemistry of basement clasts from sediment core CRP-3 in the ross Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Sandroni, Sonja; Talarico, Franco M (2001): Petrography and provenance of basement clasts and clast variability in CRP-3 drillcore (Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica)., Terra Antartica, 8(4), 449-468

Sonja Sandroni & Franco M Talarico
Distribution patterns and petrographical and mineral chemistry data are described for the most representative basement lithologies occuring as clast in the c. 824 m thick Tertiary sedimentary sequence at the CRP-3 drillsite. These are granule to bolder grain size clasts of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Within the basement clast assemblage, granitoid pebbles are the predominant lithology. They consist of dominant grey biotic-bearing monzogranite, pink biotite-hornblende monzogranite, and biotite-bearing leucomomonzgranite. Minor lithologies include: actinolite-bearing leucotonalite, microgranite,...
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