Monthly and yearly mean air temperature from 1829 to 2005 calculated from meteorological observations at different locations in Bremen, northern Germany, supplement to: Bätjer, Diedrich; Heinemann, Hans-Joachim (1980): Eineinhalb Jahrhunderte meteorologischer Beobachtungen in Bremen. Abhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins zu Bremen, 39, 185-261

Hans-Joachim Heinemann
The secular record of annual mean temperatures of Bremen shows that inhomogeneities - especially caused by station transfers - lead to serious problems concerning the interpretation of climatic trends or fluctuations. Especially two transfers of the meteorological observing station in Bremen within our century - 1935/36 and 1978 - caused significant inhomogeneities, well documented by parallel measurements for several years. Obviously the stagnation of the temperature level of the original data set is a result...
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