Fluor and opal in surface sediment from the Bransfield Strait (Table 1), supplement to: Matthies, Dietmar; Troll, Georg (1987): The importance of biogenic opal sediment input for the fluorine chemistry of Antarctic marine sediments (Bransfield Strait and Weddell Sea). Polarforschung, 57(1-2), 115-121

Dietmar Matthies & Georg Troll
The influence of biogenic opal sediment input (mainly diatom skeletons) on the fluorine budget of marine sediments will be shown for 24 sampling stations of the antarctic regions of Bransfield Strait, Powell Basin, South Orkney Plateau and northwestern Weddell Sea. 4 bulk samples, one from each sedimentation area, contain 9 to 28 wt.-% of biogenic opal , the clay fraction of the 24 samples investigated have 2 to 82 wt.-%. The fluorine concentration in the...
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