Sedimentology of core PS1423-2, supplement to: Crawford, Kevin Richard; Kuhn, Gerhard; Hambrey, Mike J (1996): Changes in the character of glaciomarine sedimentation in the southwestern Weddell Sea, Antarctica: evidence from the core PS1423-2. Annals of Glaciology, 22, 200-204

Kevin Richard Crawford, Gerhard Kuhn & Mike J Hambrey
Investigations of the stratigraphy and facies within a 2.69m long gravity core (PS1423-2) from the southwestern Weddell Sea, Antarctica, indicate a significant change in the character of glaciomarine sedimentation since grounded ice withdrew from the continental shelf. Based On visual description, X-radiography, clast shape, particle-size analysis, physical properties and geochemical data, the core used in this analysis comprises five distinct units, from top to bottom: (i) massive diamicton, (ii) weakly to well-stratified diamicton, (iii) millimetre-scale...
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