Age model of sediment core SU92-18, supplement to: Lehman, Benoît; Laj, Carlo E; Kissel, Catherine; Mazaud, Alain; Paterne, Martine; Labeyrie, Laurent D (1996): Relative changes of the geomagnetic field intensity during the last 280 kyear from piston cores in the Acores area. Physics of The Earth and Planetary Interiors, 93(3-4), 269-284

Benoît Lehman, Carlo E Laj, Catherine Kissel, Alain Mazaud, Martine Paterne & Laurent D Labeyrie
Relative changes in geomagnetic field intensity over the last 280 kyears have been recovered from the study of three marine cores from the Açores area. One core was precisely dated by oxygen isotope study and the other two records were linked to it using light reflectance analysis which allowed precise correlation. Rock magnetic analysis shows that the main magnetic mineral is magnetite with a very homogeneous grain-size distribution in the pseudo-single domain range for the...
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