Age model of sediment core RC10-216, supplement to: Sancetta, Constance A; Silvestri, Shaymaria (1984): Diatom stratigraphy of the late Pleistocene (Brunhes) subarctic Pacific. Marine Micropaleontology, 9(3), 263-274

Constance A Sancetta & Shaymaria Silvestri
Three piston cores in the subarctic region of the North Pacific show consistent changes in relative abundance of diatom species throughout the Brunhes magnetic epoch. These events can be used both as stratigraphic markers to subdivide the interval and as indicators of oceanographic conditions. The stratigraphic record shows an acme for A. ochotensis from about 625-350 Kyr (Isotope Stages 15-10); a marked increase in amplitude of abundance fluctuations for R. hebetata 300-0 Kyr (Stages 8-1),...
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