Age model of DSDP Hole 73-522 (Table 1), supplement to: Mead, Gregory; Tauxe, Lisa; LaBrecque, John L (1986): Oligocene paleoceanography of the South Atlantic: paleoclimatic implications of sediment accumulation rates and magnetic susceptibility measurements. Paleoceanography, 1(3), 273-284

Gregory Mead, Lisa Tauxe & John L LaBrecque
Paleoceanographic changes during the Oligocene in the South Atlantic have been examined using paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, carbonate content, and sediment accumulation rate (SAR) data. We show that magnetic susceptibility (MS) is largely controlled by carbonate content at Deep-Sea Drilling Project site 522, which in turn is the primary control on SAR at the site. Over 5000 MS measurements were averaged over magnetostratigraphic polarity intervals for use as indicators of carbonate content and SAR proxies. The...
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