(Table 1) Calculated sea surface temperature of sediment core RC11-210, supplement to: Pisias, Nicklas G; Rea, David K (1988): Late Pleistocene paleoclimatology of the central equatorial Pacific: sea surface response to the southeast trade winds. Paleoceanography, 3(1), 21-37

Nicklas G Pisias & David K Rea
Proxy indicators of sea surface temperature and equatorial divergence based on radiolarian assemblage data, and of trade wind intensity based on eolian grain size data show similar aspects of variability during the late Pleistocene: All indicators fluctuate at higher frequencies than the 100,000-year glacial-interglacial cycle, display reduced amplitude variations since 300,000 years ago, exhibit a change in the record character at about 300,000 years ago (the mid-Brunhes climatic event), and have higher amplitude variations in...
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