Sedimentation rates calculated on surface sediment samples from different site of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (Table 1), supplement to: Broecker, Wallace S; Klas, Mieczyslawa; Clark, Elizabeth; Bonani, Georges; Ivy, Susan; Wolfli, Willy (1991): The influence of CaCO3 dissolution on core top radiocarbon ages for deep-sea sediments. Paleoceanography, 6(5), 593-608

Wallace S Broecker, Mieczyslawa Klas, Elizabeth Clark, Georges Bonani, Susan Ivy & Willy Wolfli
Radiocarbon ages on CaCO3 from deep-sea cores offer constraints on the nature of the CaCO3 dissolution process. The idea is that the toll taken by dissolution on grains within the core top bioturbation zone should be in proportion to their time of residence in this zone. If so, dissolution would shift the mass distribution in favor of younger grains, thereby reducing the mean radiocarbon age for the grain ensemble. We have searched in vain for...
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