Preliminary results and documentation of sediment cores CRP2 and CRP-2A from the Ross Sea off Cape Roberts, Antarctica, supplement to: Fielding, Christopher R; Thomson, M R A (1999): Studies from the Cape Roberts Project, Ross Sea Antarctica, Initial Report on CRP-2/2A. Terra Antartica, 6(1/2), 173 pp

Ken Woolfe, Christopher R Fielding &
The site for CRP-2, 14 km east of Cape Roberts (77.006°S; 163.719°E), was selected to overlap the early Miocene strata cored in nearby CRP-1, and to sample deeper into the east-dipping strata near the western margin ofe he Victoria Land Basin to investigate Palaeogene climatic and tectonic history. CRP-2 was cored from 5 to 57 mbsf (metres below the sea floor) (core recovery 91 %), with a deviation resulting in CRP-2A being cored at the...
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