Digital terrain model (DTM) of the central Fram Strait, supplement to: Klenke, Martin; Schenke, Hans Werner (2002): A new bathymetric model for the central Fram Strait. Marine Geophysical Research, 23(4), 367-378

Martin Klenke & Hans Werner Schenke
Based on data from R/V Polarstern multibeam sonar surveys between 1984 and 1997 a high resolution bathymetry has been generated for the central Fram Strait. The area ensonified covers approx. 36,500 sqkm between 78°N-80°N and 0°E-7.5°E. Basic outcome of the investigation is a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) with 100 m grid spacing which was utilized for contouring and generation of a new series of bathymetric charts (AWI BCFS).
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