Stable oxygen isotope record from Globigerina bulloides and sea surface temperature of sediment core BOFS31/1K (Table 1), supplement to: Chapman, Mark R; Shackleton, Nicholas J; Zhao, Meixun; Eglinton, Geoffrey (1996): Faunal and alkenone reconstructions of subtropical North Atlantic surface hydrography and paleotemperature over the last 28 kyr. Paleoceanography, 11(3), 343-358

Mark R Chapman, Nicholas J Shackleton, Meixun Zhao & Geoffrey Eglinton
Two techniques for estimating past variations in sea surface temperature (SST) have been used to investigate climatic change in Biogeochemical Oceanic Flux Study (BOFS) core 31K (19°N, 20°W) from the eastern subtropical Atlantic. High-resolution SST records for the last 28 kyr have been produced using planktonic foraminiferal assemblages, based on the Imbrie-Kipp transfer function technique, and the UK' 37 index derived from abundances of C37 alkenones biosynthesized by prymnesiophyte algae. Modern observations suggest that these...
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