Compilation of geochemical data of the Atlantic surface sediments from various sources

Karin Lochte & Evgeny A Romankevich
Data compiled by E.A. Romankevitch from the following references: Lisitzin et al.,1975; Bezrukov&Lisitzin,1975; Emelyanov & Romankevich, 1979; Romankevich, 1984; Svalnov et al., 1988; Svalnov et al., 1977; Levitan et al., 1990; Levitan & Ditrikh, 1990; Korneeva & Gordeev, unpub data; Romankevich, unpublished data; Romankevich, 1994; Vetrov et al., 1995; Petrova, 1990; Zenkovich, 1938; Gorshkova, 1938; Gorshkova, 1962; Gorshkova, 1965; Avilov, 1965
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