Lead and aluminum in Atlantic surface water measured along the track of POLARSTERN cruise ANT-VIII/7 and ANT-IX/1 (Tables 2, 3), supplement to: Helmers, Eckard; Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M (1993): Lead and aluminum in Atlantic surface water (50°N to 50°S) reflecting anthropogenic and natural sources in the eolian transport. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 98(C11), 20261-20273

Eckard Helmers & Michiel M Rutgers van der Loeff
Lead and aluminum were measured with a 40–100 km resolution in surface water on two transects across the Atlantic Ocean, one in May 1990 from Cape Town to the North Sea, the other in November 1990 from the North Sea to the Strait of Magellan. Samples were drawn 14 m below surface at normal speed from a 2-m-long snorkel system mounted on the bottom of the ship directly into a clean-room area. In the tropics,...
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