Pollen analysis of sediment profile WO1 from Wollingster See, supplement to: Müller, Helmut; Kleinmann, Angelika (1998): Palynologische Untersuchungen eines Sedimentprofiles aus dem Wollingster See. Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geobotanik in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg, In: Urban, K., Romahn, K. S., (Red.), Schutz und Erhaltung nährstoffarmer Stillgewässer am Beispiel des Wollingster Sees, 176 S., 57, 44-52

Helmut Müller, Angelika Kleinmann & Josef Merkt
A palynological study of a 15 m sediment core from the centre of Lake Wollingst (water depth 14,5 m) is presented. The pollen record shows 3 lateglacial thermomers, called Meiendorf, Bölling, Alleröd and the early holocene Friesland-Thermomer. The succession of forest vegetation taking place on the lake surroundings during the Holocene was typical for older moraine soils which are poor in nutrients: forest vegetation started with birch and pine, followed by hazel, oak and elm...
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