Organic geochemistry on surface sediments from the Laptev Sea, supplement to: Fahl, Kirsten; Stein, Ruediger (1997): Modern organic carbon deposition in the Laptev Sea and the adjacent continental slope: surface water productivity vs. terrigenous input. Organic Geochemistry, 26(5-6), 379-390

Kirsten Fahl & Ruediger Stein
Sediment samples from the Laptev Sea, taken during the 1993 RV Polarstern expedition ARK IX/4 and the RV Ivan Kireyev expedition TRANSDRIFT I, were investigated for the amount and composition of their organic carbon fractions. Of major interest was the identification of different processes controlling organic carbon deposition (i.e. terrigenous supply vs. surface water productivity). Long-chain unsaturated alkenones derived from prymnesiophytes, and fatty acids derived from diatoms and dinoflagellates, were analysed by means of gas...
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