Porosity and sound velocity measured in sediment core CIROS-1, supplement to: Bücker, Christian J; Henrys, Stuart A; Wonik, Thomas (1998): Revision of the Cenozoic seismic velocity structure of the CIROS-1 drillhole, Antarctica, and implications for further drilling off Cape Roberts. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 281-289

Christian J Bücker, Stuart A Henrys & Thomas Wonik
The CIROS-1 drillhole, which in 1986 reached a depth of 700 m below the seafloor, is still the only deep hole that can provide information on the velocity structure of the upper crust in McMurdo Sound and the Ross Sea, Antarctica. A careful review and quality control of the downhole logging data of CIROS-1 resulted in a new porosity depth function that is consistent with porosity data from the MSSTS-1 and CRP-1 drillholes. Using existing...
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